Why are we educating this way?

I teach STEM. In middle school.  For those that haven’t kept up with the countless acronyms n education, it stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.  It’s pretty much a buzz word these days, and it is the Wild West as far as useful curriculum.  

According to many politicians, this will save America from the downward spiral that we seem to be riding all the way to the bottom.  Gotta tell ya, it helps, but without the support from the country on this it’s just more crap.  Yep, I said it.  We can create new buzz words for the media and appear to embrace the philosophy, yet when scrutinized the hoopla is just more cheering for a failing system.

We hold the belief that kids need separate subjects in order to concentrate on during different times throughout their days.  *RING* time for math.  Engage our thoughts to focus on the subject that so many students think is useless outside of school.  *RING*. Time to go to science.  Follow the scientific method, complete some worksheets, and wait for the next *RING* when you can forget science and focus on another subject.  Problem here?  Hell yes.

So, what IS the problem here?  


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